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Domestic Bliss in Beechview

I'm not married, nor do I have any semblance of a steady home-life aside from my sister yelling at me when I do something stupid. The dreams of the house in the suburbs and mowing the lawn and the like have never really occurred to me. I would venture to bet that most of my malaise towards the domesticated lifestyle stems from not wanting to own a car, dislike of most neighbors in general and an aversion to talking to them, and the ability to walk around the corner and eat gyros, pizza, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and whatever denomination of food that suits me at that particular moment. Being a block from the beer distributor and the grocery store also is a big plus for a city-dweller like myself.

Not so for our old pal Larry (AKA Dan), says Big Schleep. Larry up and got himself married to a nice girl named Yago (from Gito Gito Hustler and their current band The Test Patterns), bought a van, moved to Beechview a little bit south of the city of Pittsburgh, destroyed a pool/yard in the process, and cooked some lovely food for Hone, Carmela, and I before they shipped off back to Japan for a few months.

Larry seems to have taken to his new life; however, before this weed-whacker was thrust upon him by one of the vocal locals ("'EY, YINZ NEED A WEEDWACKER OVER 'ERE?"), he was attempting to cut this ridiculous thatch with scissors as I looked on from the porch and drank all his beer and laughed.

Yago was nice enough to prepare some traditional Japanese fare, along with some added American classics with her own personal touch. This meant I got to eat soup with bacon in it, sloppy burgers with all the trimmings, and even a Japanese omelet. Let's see what we've got whipped up here:

This may look odd, but 'twas in fact an omelet with lots of sauteed vegetables that were a delight for the palate; even with the addition of the dreaded rice (I've never been a fan, but when it is masked behind a delicious mixture of egg and onions and spices and the like, I can handle it). I really enjoyed this, but I was even more excited for her burgers.

Pre-cooking, I was told these burgers had many seasonings, including a little brown sugar, onions, egg, and more that I blanked out on awhile ago. Ah, the pressures of being me...

Awww, cute, isn't it? It's like looking at Grant Wood's "American Gothic" filtered through one part Far East grace and dignity and one part Cutty, PA stupidity. The burgers just got bigger and greasier and even more delicious as their preparation came along. Pretty soon, the soup was on:

And when I say that, I mean, the soup was on point. Soup is one of my favorite dishes, and Yago made from scratch a sumptuous bacon soup with plenty of vegetables and just the right touch of flavoring that I have yet to experience in my long broth-slurping career.

Pretty soon, someone was a happy boy.

Might have just been the omelet, though:

Moving along, I figure I'll let hubby and the wife over here get some praise for their new band Test Patterns debut 7" single on Contaminated.

Dan and Yago, along with two other ne'er-do-wells are crafting some pretty intense Japanese-style (think maybe Needle Records or Firestarter with a little bit more of a punk touch) power-pop down in the basement. The guitar leads are technical, yet tasteful, along with three-way vocals that blend together seamlessly to produce some extremely catchy songs.

I got the chance to do a short jaunt with these folks through the Midwest back in May, and I must say that with every chance they got to play live, they blew the doors off all the other bands on the shows. There's a new EP in the works for Shit Sandwich right now, which should be out in the fall. In the meantime, you can grab some old and new tracks at their Myspace here.

Everyone ended up pretty happy, I'd say. This masked man stormed through and grabbed some beers and burgers before anyone could do a double-take.

So all in all, maybe it is possible to be a dirty, no-good punk and live an adult life. Larry's obviously barely doing that at all, but we wish him all the best. Go find someone to make you some food and put on that Test Patterns record. I do believe you'll enjoy it.

We've got more coming up, including a whole new site design, and COMING SOON - MP3 HOSTING for more great records. 7-Inch Slam will soon have you downloading like crazy! Get ready!

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Beechview is not south of the City of Pittsburgh. It is a city neighborhood.

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See yinz in Memphis tomorrow!

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