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Havin' a Laugh, Havin' a Go, Havin' a Scotch Egg

Its been said for centuries, America is the melting pot of the rest of the world. We've incorporated the tired, the hungry, and the poor from all across the globe, and they've all brought a little bit of their culture with them. The French gave us the Statue of Liberty, the Polish gave us pierogies, and the Germans basicly just gave us a hard time. But before any of that, one of the first groups of immigrants to inhabit America were the English. What did they give us? Well, not much, actually.

The Pilgrims came here to escape religious oppression, and found the freedom to oppress everyone else. After a few hundred years and two British invasions, one by the British army and the other by the Beatles, England and America became BFF's again. The Ramones played shows in London, and Sid and Nancy shot heroin in New York. However, by this time, America had taken a clear leadership role on the world stage, and England assumed the role of our gay cousin who everyone laughs at behind his back. This is probably because England hasn't ever cooked anything good. Remember Arthur Treacher's Fish 'n' Chips in the Food Court. That shit sucked. That was what your mom ate while you slammed Taco Bell. The English never cooked anything worth a damn. At least that's what I thought until I discovered scotch eggs.

A scotch egg is a hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, then breaded and deep fried. It also has nothing to do with Scotland. This is British food through and through. They are popular in British pubs, on picnics, and in the break room on BBC's "The Office." One of our favorite South Side hangouts, Piper's Pub, serves up a mean scotch egg, best enjoyed with a McEwans IPA. However, their scotch eggs are made with real sausage, which a hippy ass vegetarian like me can't eat. So I made my own.

I used four hard boiled eggs, one package of Gimme Lean Meat-Free Fat-Free sausage, a beaten egg, breadcrumbs, and some chopped onion and minced garlic. Chill the hard boiled eggs for a couple hours, I went to happy hour while they refrigerated, I suggest you do the same. Mix the onion and garlic into the sausage with your hands, then wrap a layer of sausage around each boiled egg. Roll the sausage covered egg in the beaten egg, coating the whole thing. Then roll that around in a bowl of breadcrumbs. Repeat for each boiled egg. This will all be worth it, trust me. After you get all your eggs taken care of, drop them in about two inches of hot vegetable oil. After a few minutes of deep frying you'll be ready slam the best food those limey British bastards ever created.

These scotch eggs turned out wonderfully. I've never had the real meat version, but it couldn't be any better than this. This is a boiled egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried for Christ's sake! How could that not be everything you've ever wanted alongside a pint or three? If you could eat scotch eggs while watching pornography you'd never have to leave your crappy apartment.

So what else did the British give us? The Clash? Overrated. The Sex Pistols? Overrated. Skrewdriver? Get real. One of the few British bands that I actually like was started by an Irish kid who hated England -- the Nips. Before the Pogues ever became the best Irish punk band, Shane MacGowan and his old band, the Nipple Erectors, tore the British punk scene apart. If you haven't seen the Shane DVD, you really should see it. If you have seen it, then you already know a couple really hot Nips jams, and their Tits of Soho LP has plenty more where those came from. The Nips play traditional British punk like you'd expect, but you'll also hear plenty of fun, poppy influences and even some tasty harmonica licks. Johnny Rotten never could have pulled this off. And even after most of the '77 punks either grew up or died off, Shane MacGowan refused to do either, and he ended up writing some of the best songs that are probably already on your record shelf. So if you're a Pogues fan, and you damn well should be, check out the Nips.

- Posted by John.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your take on Scotch eggs maybe we'll give it a try
Piper's Pub

7:41 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

I can't believe you made vegetarian scotch eggs. I thought about it, but totally bailed. Nicely played bro.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, this is by far one of the best posts i've read on a blog. my dad a brit) used to make these for me as a kid. i am definitely making this veg. version... looks so good. thanks!

2:05 AM  

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