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Punk Rock Indoctrination

It happens for different folks at different ages. Some folks were lucky and got in at age 13, some people are late bloomers and it didn't happen until 17 or 18, but once it happens, your life is changed. After you experience it once you want it more and more until you end up doing it every day.

I'm not talking about when you lost your virginity, that happened about two years after you started bragging to your friends that you lost your virginity. I'm talking about when some older and much cooler kid turned you on to punk rock. It doesn't matter what kind of garbage you used to listen to, it only matters that somebody played you a Stooges or Ramones record and you flipped out. Pretty soon you had a decent record collection, a couple beat up pairs of Chuck Taylors, and a drinking problem. You have arrived.

Then you moved out of your parent's house and developed an even better record collection. You made friends with a bunch of bands, started a few bands, and became one of those older kids that get younger kids into punk. Oh yeah, you still have that same pair of Chucks and drinking problem.

When my little sister announced that she was coming over to watch Steelers with us, it was time for kick ass burritos and punk rock indoctrination. We started with tortilla chips with both salsa and queso sauce to get us through the first half of the game. By halftime we had started cooking refried beans in one pot, black beans in another, and Morningstar crumbles in the frying pan. We threw in some onions and garlic into the fake meat, then seasoned it with chili powder and cumin. After everything was heated up and the lettuce and tomato were on the cutting board, we had fairly healthful burritos lined up for the second half of the game. Then we went all out and topped our burritos with sour cream and queso sauce, which ruined any nutritional benefits that we previously had going for us. We've all had the 50 cent frozen burritos from the grocery store, our homemade burritos put those things to shame. These burritos took less time than a trip to Taco Bell, and were so good that we ate 7 of them by the time the Steelers scored their game winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Here at the 7inchslam.com offices, we've discussed how perfect it would be to pair burritos with Los Crudos. Well that's not what I'm gonna write about. If you want to be one of those cool older kids that indoctrinates the youngsters to like everything that you like, you aren't gonna start with Crudos. You should start with the Rip Offs. Formed out of the ashes of Supercharger (which is another band that may be used to introduce youngsters to punk rock), San Francisco's the Rip Offs are everything a punk band should be. They've got dumb lyrics about cops and sex, catchy hooks, and nobody in the band knows how to play an instrument. Their only full length Got a Record is 14 songs in under 24 minutes, starting with the best instrumental intro track that anybody could ever ask for. When you want to introduce younger kids to punk rock, this is a good record to start with. If you can get somebody to like this record, they can pretty easily move on to Supercharger or any of the other Rip Off Records stuff like Loli & the Chones, Teengenerate, or The Marked Men. And if your younger sibling or friend moves on to like all of those records, then your work is done.

One of the coolest things about being into the music that we're all into is you can turn other kids onto it, and you can make them like all the things that you like. Giant burritos and the Rip Offs are one hell of a way to get into punk rock.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Punk rock? That's the subject of the day over here -- I just reviewed a new book about its history. Check out Front Street Reviews (frontstreetreviews.com) and read all about it. Cool stuff.

Glad to hear you're educating the youngsters properly, too. That's every bit as important as where punk came from.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous nathan said...

Aren't Giant Burritos a good starting point for any endeavor, though?

I mean, is there anything that mexican food can't do?

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Rick said...

Dude, your sister is hot.

12:27 AM  
Blogger artforspastics said...

You really wouldn't wanna pair burritos con Los Crudos because then it would hafta be some vegan bullshit!

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this was so fucking stupid get over your fat ass selfs fucking losersa who puts a website about foodd? ya a fucking fat ass

9:20 PM  

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