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Balls in Your Mouth

Well, 7inchslam has been at the height of laziness lately, sorry guys! I've been working, boozing, carousing, and lying to the police, but we're back with our first appetizer for you schmucks.

Sometimes a main course isn't what you need. Maybe you're having people over and you just want to feed them something small, or maybe you need a good appetizer to compliment a good meal. Maybe you just like the feel of balls in your mouth, so we're gonna make cheese olive balls.

My mother always made these appetizers around the holidays. The holidays are a perfect time for dad to get in a fight with grandma, and for mom to use an entire stick of butter in just about every recipe. This one calls for a whole stick of butter, a whole 8oz pack of shredded cheddar, and a cup of flour. Dump all those things in a bowl and mix 'em up. Knead the dough with your hands, and if its too dry add some milk. Wrap a small amount of the dough around an olive, one at a time, until you've used up all the ingredients. I got about 30 olives done before the dough ran out. Put the olives on a baking sheet and refrigerate for at least an hour, I'm not really sure why you have to do that, but the recipe calls for it. Then bake at 375 for around 15 minutes.

If you're vegan or on a diet, stay away from these and leave more for the rest of us. This appetizer is fatty, greasy, and delicious. There's really nothing fancy going on here, this is cheesy dough wrapped around an olive, what more could you ask for? The three of us here at the joint destroyed all 30 of these within 24 hours -- arteries be damned. I went over the top with these and paired them with a homemade white pizza, breadsticks, and some secret texts. It was a winner all around.

Appetizers are a great way to get small doses of different kinds of food, and the Goner Fest 2 DVD is a great way to check out a slew of hot bands that you may not be up on yet and a few old favorites too. I copied this off a gold toothed 18 year old, and watched it twice in two days. This DVD chronicles the 2005 Memphis shindig that's a venerable who's who of garage punk losers. Goner really outdid themselves on this project, with 3 cameras and great sound, this is so much better than some crap you'd find on YouTube. You start off with the Reigning Sound doing "We Repel Each Other" and end with The Reatards doing "Bummer Bitch" and "No One Stands Me." As if that wasn't already enough southern insanity for you, The Carbonas, The Persuaders, The Jenny Jeans and the Rat Traps all have really hot songs on here. Jay Reatard doesn't have dual citizenship with Columbia yet, but he does appear on here with the Reatards, The Final Solutions, and a a hot Angry Angles jam called "You Call It Love." This DVD is really well shot, has great audio, comes with a bonus CD, and features a drunken Ryan Terrible cameo -- what more could you possibly want? This is a great DVD, pick it up from the Goner Store.

Southern cooking is terrible for your arteries, southern rock n roll fests are terrible for your liver, but they're both really, really fun. So make some appetizers for your friends, put on the Gonerfest DVD, then punch your friends in the face for never making appetizers for you.

-- Posted by John

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Blogger Baby Pop said...

I'm making buttermilk pie tonight, gentlement. BUTTERMILK PIE! I hate olives, but those balls look yum yum. Happy Halloween! -Sweet T

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