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The 7inchslam Weekend Recovery Plan

After spending the week at your crappy job, you're ready to party down by Friday and Saturday night. You worked all week, you deserve to have some fun. You're gonna go out Friday night, see some bands, drink a ton of beers, hit up some parties, and scheme on some broads. Then you're gonna wake up Saturday and do it all over again. You're still young and stupid, this is what you should be doing.

But after a couple nights of binge drinking and not going to bed 'till after 3am, you need a day to recover. That's why Sundays exist. On the 7th day the Lord rested, and he didn't even fall down the basement stairs of some punk house the previous night like I did. On the 7th day, you need to recover from days 5 and 6.

Wake up around noon, then move from your bed to the couch. Get a glass of water and be useless for a while. Look through your phone and see how many secret texts you sent the previous night, then get your ass in the kitchen.

The Steelers were about to destroy the Chiefs, but Steve and I couldn't get anyone over for the game. Even Suzi left us on our own. Anytime you get two dudes together, you're gonna hear "dude, you're sitting too close to me on the couch!" and "dude, we need pizza." Rather than fork over the money for pizza delivery, we decided to make our own pie. We set out to create the perfect white pizza to let our bodies recover from all the dumb decisions we couldn't wait to make again.

We started with a Boboli 100% whole wheat crust, then slathered it with olive oil. Add some herbs and spices, we used red pepper flakes and oregano, then throw on plenty of freshly sliced garlic and some tomato slices. We went with a mixture of mozz and provolone for this, some parmesan or romano would've been nice too, use whatever you have. Finally, we added some sliced onion and chopped spinach. This is about as nutritious as a pizza is ever gonna get. Give it ten minutes in a 375 oven, then get ready to swear off Pizza Hut forever. After two slices of this you'll be fully recovered from your weekend debauchery, after four slices you'll be ready to get just as rowdy as you were all weekend.

So what do you listen to to recover from a weekend of fast livin'? Punk rock was what got you into this mess in the first place, so you need something your dad would listen to if he was still a badass. Around here, we would put on some Neil Young. This guy lived harder than you ever will, but still wrote some mellow jams that should always have a spot on your record shelf. Harvest has some easy going songwriting that'll get you right where you need to be by the time Heart of Gold comes on. Prairie Wind will take you deep into the depths of relaxation with It's Only a Dream then bring you right back up with some tasty harmonica licks on Far From Home. If you're still feeling the countrified hippy vibe, check out Neil's Heart of Gold DVD, which is on regular rotation here. Then put on some Creedence or The Band before you go back to your regular rotation of punk rock ragers.

When you're 17 years old you can fill every night with MD 20/20 and endless carousing, but you're not 17 anymore. You need to take some time on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy some nutritious food, easy going records, and probably a nap on the couch. By Monday morning you'll be fully recovered and ready to head to the office and look at pictures of food.

Posted by John.

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Blogger Baby Pop said...

I was surprised at how good those pre-made crusts are - my roomate uses them sometimes. I tell you what is really a good time - home-made pizzas, cosmopolitans (okay, kind of feminine, I know, but humor me), and your favorite Pam Grier movie. Great way to spend a Saturday night.


5:00 PM  
Blogger Steve-O said...

Baby Pop, your comments are sweet.

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Suzz said...

I think its obvious what my dvd of the year is...thanks again for not saving me a schlam.

9:22 PM  

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