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PP + SP = Gettin' Retarded

I'm glad that I got clued into the fact that McKees Rocks has something more to offer than methed-out hussies that compete for horny dude dollars and post-industrial gloom. It's got some pretty good pierogies smothered in butter and onions (the kielbasa and stuffed cabbage weren't half bad either)...

It only costs $5.95 to get to hunky nirvana. Pierogies Plus is mostly a carry out joint that claims to have an "outdoor patio". This "outdoor patio" phenomena was missing in action on the day we pulled up, so we scarfed hungry bastard style* on the trunk of the car. Check the menu for Special Order Pierogies, the potato and bacon pierogies sound unstoppable.

Now that your guts are stuffed with kielbasa, pierogies and maybe a Polish hand grenade you can contemplate getting retarded. I mean the GOOD RETARDED like hot dog eating contests and not the BAD RETARDED like spending too much free time contemplating the genesis of Wonder Man and his mullet in back issues of the West Coast Avengers. Sneaky Pinks = GOOD RETARDED! Wonder Man = BAD RETARDED!

For your studies:

Posted by HONE
*Hungry Bastard Style is the only Deadly Kung Fu style I can fully endorse.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't trust you, but I do trust your friends recipes. On a side note I jerked off tonight and a scent of Sour Cream and Chives potatoe chips hit the air. Weird, huh?

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Vinnie said...

nothing good can ever come out of the Rocks. and Mama Lenas pizza is terrible!

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Rizzo said...

Talk about bad retarded (see above comments)! PP is super good!!

2:11 PM  
Anonymous HONE said...

Holy shit! Dan Quayle read my blog...to bad he's got "trust" issues!

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Potatoe...say it with me, POTATOE.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous a snatch! said...

Hon-eeee! you still it out this plastic boxes! your food looks extra white trash.

5:38 AM  

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